With Prospery, ABN Amro was the very first bank in Europe that allowed people to manage their assets completely online with personal certified coaches and fully managed investment solutions for a fixed price.

Digital designer - Marketing website

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Be your own wealth manager

Commissioned by Fabrique, I was asked to design the Prospery marketing website. A known fact was that a lot of people with considerable wealth have no clear overview or strategy. Prospery supports these audiences to take action and get grip on their wealth by offering three solutions: 1. a digital platform to provide overview over all wealth and goals, 2. certified personal wealth coaches who help to build the strategy and 3. fully managed investment options.

I worked on the design of the marketing website alongside the design teams of the identity and the online wealth manager. 

MRKT-57 pricing table

Ahead of time

Managing your wealth completely online with a wealth manager was completely new, but perhaps ahead of time. Customer interest was disappointing and Prospery has since been taken off the market.

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