Eneco is a Dutch leading energy company and one of the biggest investors in sustainable energy. Eneco delivers smart, sustainable and affordable products and services.

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Welcome to the new world

Commissioned by Dept, I was asked to design the new consumer website which loads the message 'Welcome to the new world'. The challenge was to make the message and promise of the New World tangible. 

Conceptually, people don’t just become Eneco’s client, they become a member. And that is something to celebrate. We loaded Eneco’s new world with a character that ties in with a form of positive activism and extended that feeling throughout the appearance of the entire website by an energetic colour pallet, quirky and light hearted visuals and an activating and confident tone of voice.

I was responsible for the digital brand experience from concept design to execution. My role included defining design principles, concept designing, designing the new digital identity and building / guiding multiple creative teams craftig the brand experience.

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